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My Bella Sicily was born from a passion to inspire a love and appreciation for the beautiful island, culture and people of Sicily and southern Italy. Few people, including Italians, are acquainted with the rich history and diverse multicultural aspects of Sicily. Sicily’s 6,000-year culture was influenced by the Greeks, Romans, the Byzantines, the Muslims, the French, Germans, Spaniards, and finally in 1861 became part of unified Italy. Throughout the ages, Sicily has been faced with conflicts, wars, plagues, monarchies, treaties, domination’s, martyrs and crimes. Yet it still remains the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, with lush sandy beaches, patchwork green mountains, delicious cuisine and wines, and beautiful people. It is paradise on earth!

In 734 BC the GREEKS created trade routes and expanded Sicily’s agricultural potential. Eastern Sicily is considered the “Greek side” of Sicily. They developed lush gardens of lemons, oranges, bananas, dates, pistachios, olive trees, nut trees, wheat, and grapes for red and white wine, artichokes, figs, mulberries, apricots and tangerines. They also brought animals to create dairy products, which produced ricotta cheese.

The Arabic influence literally changed Sicilian agriculture and cuisine. They introduced rice, sugarcane, almonds, raisins, linen, cotton, couscous, and they introduced extra-virgin olive oil and utilized spices in their cooking to created amazing flavors.

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