Sicilian Heart and Soul


Yes, a Sicilian father is the head and protector of the family, but it’s the mother who is the heart and soul of the home. If you’ve ever doubted the great importance a mother holds in a family one only needs to contemplate the Italian proverb “If the father should die, the family would suffer; if the mother should die, the family ceases to exist.”

Sicilian women are passionately devoted to their family and fearless when faced with challenges. After two thousand years of Sicilian invasions, wars, plagues, monarchies, treaties, dominations, martyrs, crimes, and economic crisis, it takes a lot to rattle them…

Sicilian women work very hard to make a home and carry on traditions, including art, music, craftsmanship, agriculture, cooking, sewing, faith, family stories and history – they pass on their knowledge to their children and grandchildren in hopes they too will do the same, like their ancestors did before them.

My Sicilian grandmother instilled in me a love for my heritage and family. If you were blessed to have a Sicilian mother or grandmother, like I was, then you fully appreciate the heart and soul of a Sicilian home.