Congratulations Palermo, Sicily on being chosen the 2018 Cultural Italian City! Palermo was the perfect choice because it is one of Italy’s most vibrant and eclectic cities.

Sicily is strategically located in the Mediterranean and Palermo’s amazing location along the northwestern coast encircled by mountains lured multiple conquerors, including the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish and in 1861 the Italians. Rulers brought their unique cultures, architecture and cuisines. In the 12th century the Normans placed their stamp on Palermo making the city one of the most cultural and prosperous cities in the world. Beautiful cathedrals were built and some of the greatest monuments erected. Even into the 21st century, many of these ancient buildings and structures still exist, although well worn by time and lack of funds to repair, but this only adds to the charm of the city.

Porta Nuova

We lost contact with our Sicilian family in 1915 and I always wondered if we still had living Sicilian relatives. In October 2014, I traveled to Sicily with several American cousins to visit our ancestral city of Partinico, just outside of Palermo. We stayed at the beautiful Excelsior Palace Hotel (now the Mercure Hotel) located in the city’s financial and commercial center. [Please check out my previous blog posts where I go into greater detail about our successful and memorable visit in reconnecting with our Sicilian cousins.]

My first visit to Sicily was magical. I returned in April 2015 and in August 2016 and stayed with family. It was wonderful. Just imagining my ancestors, from centuries ago, walking the same streets, visiting the markets, attending the festivals, churches and cathedral, eating the delicious street foods and enjoying the sun and sea…throughout each visit with family, I could sense my ancestors presence with me, as if like they orchestrated each visit.

If you enjoy history, especially Sicilian history, culture and cuisine; you want to re-connect with your family heritage; or looking to relax on the beach or hike Le Madonie Mountains, you will enjoy visiting Palermo. There is so much to experience. I hope to visit Sicily in 2018 and to see how Palermo rolls out the Italian Cultural City red carpet – Sicilian style!