My Bella Sicily was born from my passion to inspire a love and appreciation for the beautiful island and people of Sicily and southern Italy.

Ciao! My name is Denise. I’m the daughter of a 1st generation Sicilian father from Detroit, Michigan and an English mother from New Jersey. I grew up in Michigan, where I currently live, but I’ve also lived in Los Angeles CA, Tampa FL, and Charlotte NC. For the past 3 decades (give or take), I’ve been doing marketing communications in various capacities for large corporations, small companies, and non-profits.

I’ve always appreciated my Sicilian heritage, but not until October 2014, when I, and seven American cousins, ventured to Sicily in search of our ancestral roots, did Sicily soak deeply into my soul and become a passion. With the expertise of local Sicilian guides, our American family was reunited with our Sicilian family, after a 100-year separation! It was an amazing reunion! I returned to Sicily in the spring of 2015 and the summer of 2016 and look forward to my next visit. I spent time visiting the beautiful beaches, including San Vito lo Capo, Balestrate, Mondello and Cefalù. I was swept away by the turquoise blue waters. My summer visit was much too short, but I savored each and every moment.

My Bella Sicily focuses on various aspects of Sicily, including its rich history, traditions, culture, delicious food and wine, and the amazing Sicilian people. We will also provide various resources about travel to Sicily as well as offer other helpful information, including Sicilian genealogy, and linking to other great blogs*.

I want to share this passion with those of like-mindedness. My hope is you will enjoy the Sicilian journey with me and together we will inspire others to love all things Sicilian.

God bless.
Denise Madeline Di Marco

Sicily is Paradise on Earth!

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